Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Disclosure and Formalities

I recently changed employer and am getting back at this after checking what I have to say will not be a problem. For those of you in the province, you may know who I did work for and where I work now. As a reader you will see neither name here. I have chosen to do this since I do not speak for my employer. I do not ask each posting be checked or approved.

There are some things I do which are vital to the integrity of this project. When I give a lock or safe code it is for purposes of illustration of the concept and is NOT the actual code at the job. I do not name clients. However, at times, the client may figure it out due to the hardware or job described. Even at that, such an assumption may be wrong as similar jobs repeat and I work from notes about jobs which are old by design. I have written from notes over 2 years old.

Regardless of the above, if you have concern, feel free to toss me a note.

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Laux Myth ... Thoughts From a Locksmith
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