Friday, December 31, 2010

The Hard Disc Drive in the Photocopier

This is a BIG heads up for any company which leases a digital copier and for anybody who has used one. Which is all of us!

Found at Flixxy was this news story from CBS News
Look at
The Danger of Digital Copiers - Who Knew?;lst;2
(The CBS viewer did not play well for me but you may have better luck.)

It reports that most digital copiers since 2002 have built in hard drives which store EVERY page copied onto a hard drive. They bought 4 used copiers and found much sensitive information. Who knew they kept all that? Seems many in the trade did but all point to somebody else have told the end user. One company offers an add-on package to clear the hard drive at a stiff price.

I am wondering why this drive can not be cleared from the top end display any time the user wants to do so for free. Sheesh! Meanwhile, all kinds of personal information about you can be leaked all over the place.

What to do?
1. Careful what you copy at a rental location. Anything personal stays there.

2. Dispose of any copier instead of passing back to the lease company. (Or get them to pull the drive from it before you sign it back.)

[Note on publication date. I was trying to edit the posting date of some other post and this was 'moved'. The program does not seem to tell me when it was first posted so I put it at the end of 2010. Seemed easiest.]

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