Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fire Exit Cliche

Another deadbolt over an exit device on the back of a banquet room.   (Another pair along the same wall had two vertical rod devices LBR with no deadbolts. However, they did not latch!)

This is almost cliche it is so common. So I should point out something 'unique' here.  They did not seem to attend to finish. The brass plates are tarnished but the exit could  have been in brass and it would eventually look about the same. Well, the grey looks bad and cheap. However, it would be fire rated.  I did not open the doors to see if that opening is fire rated but I have to assume it is since I know they exit into a supply hall as they do not exit to outside and this room could seat over 100 for a meal.

I know some will see the naked LCN 4041 and gasp too. While ugly that is hardly a fire exit problem.  If you look on the left, you can see the alcove for the matching pair of this double egress set. 

And this is a detail of the door in the alcove.  It too has a deadbolt over the exit but that is out of frame on this shot. What you are seeing is a knob prep with the back of the exit device head visible. I am assuming the sex nuts are used to hold the device on this metal door. If I am right, this door was fire rated, leaving the hole is both ugly and a compliance issue.  I would welcome thought on whether a fire label would still be valid had the modification included a riveted plate to seal that hole.  Done in brass, it could 'hide' much better.

I have chosen to not comment on the security of this arrangement but that could be a whole different blog posting.

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Laux Myth ... Thoughts From a Locksmith
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  1. Hello Martin, i noticed the "closer nudity there, that one is pretty old i can see, due to the "notch" next to backcheck valve, on the older versions of LCN 4040/4041, it was wider compared to the later made LCN 4040/4041's.

    i personally like the mechanical/industrial look of a nude LCN, but yes, in some environments it can look ugly and make people wonder about how often the doors are maintained, as the door closer is first line of security, the lock is useless if the door is not CLOSED.

    -Jess the door closer doctor