Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"WE are improving the skills YOU have"

I was at a trade show today and had the chance to meet and chat with a product rep. The details matter little except to say he coaches sports locally for a wide range of children and his thoughts basically agree with mine.  On the drive home, it reminded me of a few ideas.

I was once in sporting goods store putting in a master key system. I was working in an office while a supervisor was commenting on the performance of staff member to the manager.  The talk boiled down to this staff member needing more training.  (I do not listen in on the conversations of my clients but if they say I can work on the door and then talk such that I can not help but here, what am I to do??)  I had known this manager when he worked at another business and chose to comment on this.

Of all the store types out there, you should appreciate the staff member needs coaching and not training.  We know as teachers how student or anybody reacts to that dynamic.  "I am the teacher with my special knowledge and skills and I will give you them as is. Right now, you know none of this."  It is not usually true but it is all too easy to set up this as the attitude you project with training and it is easy for the recipient to hear it even if not said.  Teaching in not a bad word but it builds a wall.

Coaching is much better in emotional tone.  It starts by saying WE are improving the skills YOU have.

And you learn by just reframing the words you use at times. At that chat, the manager agreed it would be helpful. He never committed to doing just that but I hope he did. I started to speak of coaching when I had a client who could just not dial open a safe combination or some other task I knew.  I found the word has power but only as long as you approach the situation like a coach.

You acknowledge the other person has some knowledge and some skills.
Your are there to find ways for that person to improve.

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